Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Bye Bye Monty

Amy's new haircut
so after spending a blissful 5 days on the montgomery it was time to go back amongst the madness we left behind, it was nice to see kiwidad and kiwimum again but we left them on the monty, we then headed to ellesmere where we needed to shop again, going into the basin in the hope there was room but this time we were unlucky, we wasn't too disappointed as we had managed to moor there twice already and it was only a short walk to the shops, coming back from shopping we bumped into sheila and jim who were moored in the basin, had a short chat then said our goodbyes and was on our way, we got caught up at Grindley Brook locks for 2 hours but had a laugh with some people who were also waiting to go down, we towed a hire boat out of the side who had managed to ground himself and gained myself some cooking apples yum!!!!

grass cutting at the services

looking up frankton locks

view from the lock

veg for sale on the lockside

canal cottage

bored waiting for the locks

the queue behind us

waterfall in the staircase

tonights view

                                                                                 12  Miles 6 Locks

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  1.'ve not hung around. Not syphoned some of Kiwidads rocket fuel have you? Catch up with you both soon. Have a safe journey xx