Sunday, 12 October 2014

Mercia Boardwalk opening day

Well we have sorted out a car and a winter mooring so unless we venture out between now and march there won't be any update's sorry.
on the plus side we went to Mercia marina's opening of the boardwalk today and i must say it was a lovely day but very busy, we met kim and jim who are trading on the boardwalk pontoon, lovely to meet you both xx
Here are some picture's of the day.
last months pic

Beauty shop

clothes shop


seating area

farm shop

lady on stilts

tribute band stage

fat boat


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

and now for something completely different.

The last few week's have not gone well, first off i slipped off the boat a few weeks ago doing some damage to my arm, eventually i go to the hospital and the Dr thinks i have torn my Rotator Cuff so am now awaiting a MRI scan to confirm this,secondly mum phoned to say she had a lump on her lung which i'm glad to say turned out to be left there from a recent chest infection so will be treated with antibiotics,nick has a few medical problems, one being that he need's another stent in his heart so is waiting for an appointment for that,so what with everything that is going off we have decided to take a CRT winter mooring and buy a car for the hospital visit's we have coming up.
This is not a decision we have taken lightly but need's must so that's what we will do.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Bye Bye Baby

The weather has been really good this week, i have loved having her but she is a handful at times but i must say she get's better every year, i find it difficult to find her things to do to keep her occupied as she gets bored quickly.Anyway dropped her off at mercia where mummy picked her up,i must say they are doing well on the new walkway buildings and it will be open oct 11th - 12th which we should be attending.

on the roof
collecting stones

throwing stones in the lake

all packed waiting for mummy

Mercia's new bistro

and parking area

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

To Alrewas

Birthday weekend over and back down the coventry to wards the T&M to pick my grand daughter up for her annual week's holiday.
going shopping

formula 1 time


on the park

out for dinner

soft play pit

dressing up day

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Alvecote Andrew and Lisa's Birthday weekend

Well it took us a week to get rid of the mouse i tried a live trap but it went in ate the food and swiftly left, so sadly i had to buy a snapper which worked within 2hrs, so now mouse free we headed to alvecote for lisa's 40th birthday,we arrived on the thursday to be sure of a mooring,  it was a great turnout and we caught up with some old friends and met new one's.

2 birthdays on saturday, lisa and andrew
matching T-shirts

just incase we get lost

mike,polly and ray

alan playing with a popper
lisa's new beardie

darren and manda

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Audlem to the Coventry canal

Coming from audlem we stopped off at norbury for diesel only to realise after we had moored up that we had been overcharged, apparently they were short staffed and one of the office girls was helping out, when i went in and told her we had 100 she took it at £100 and charged accordingly, anyway all was resolved after a short convo with the manager. we traveled late that night and ended up mooring in the woods with high tree's either side, was woken up by a chewing sound behind the radiator YES!!! we had a mouse.

shroppie narrows

going down

mr wilkinson i presume


Aquaduct over the river tame

B&F junction

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Grindley Brook to Audlem Historic Boat Festival

So coming back down the Llangollen we stocked up at tesco then we came through grindley brook where i did a bit of scrumping :) every time we visit i always leave with a bag full of cooking apples which i freeze for use with blackberries later in the year. stocked up with new potato's eggs and onions from the old guy on Quoisley lock they are all home grown and taste much better than the shops veg.
We arrived at Audlem flight to be confronted with a boat festival, how lovely it was to see all the old working boats. Warning Lots Of Pic's!!!!

flight after grindley
looking back at grindley under the bridge

Georges pork and poultry seemed derelict such a shame


Scorpio and Leo

Ian and Beatty
Swan and Elizabeth

Birmingham and Stanton


Whitby and Darley