Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Grindley Brook to Audlem Historic Boat Festival

So coming back down the Llangollen we stocked up at tesco then we came through grindley brook where i did a bit of scrumping :) every time we visit i always leave with a bag full of cooking apples which i freeze for use with blackberries later in the year. stocked up with new potato's eggs and onions from the old guy on Quoisley lock they are all home grown and taste much better than the shops veg.
We arrived at Audlem flight to be confronted with a boat festival, how lovely it was to see all the old working boats. Warning Lots Of Pic's!!!!

flight after grindley
looking back at grindley under the bridge

Georges pork and poultry seemed derelict such a shame


Scorpio and Leo

Ian and Beatty
Swan and Elizabeth

Birmingham and Stanton


Whitby and Darley


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