Friday, 31 May 2013

To Atherstone

Saw this horse on the private online moorings at Coventry junction, not sure if it was dead or not.


Looking back at Coventry junction

Entrance to Ashby Canal

                                      BW yard at Hartshill.

Notice about Bosworth Battlefield moorings

Working boat Cassiopeia, didn't look like he was trading tho as we wanted some diesel.

Sunken boat, but the ironic thing is -------------->   BW working boat's moored not 500 yard's away

Working on Atherstone towpath            funny seeing a grown man on a machine that look's like a toy.

Bottom of the flight.

Swan and her babies

Bella needed a shower after rolling in something dead
ugh she stunk.

 Sam managed to rip his toe nail off on the door runner.

This is for kev seeing as he thinks we live out of tins :P

                                    Living Telegraph pole.

         I think we're alone now :)

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

To Coventry

woke up to a angry looking day today but thought we would make an effort until it got worse.

Wyken arm

Now that's what i call a solar array, 11 or 12 panels from front to back, no room to walk on his roof tho.

Whoops             That was a biggun i nearly got the chainsaw out but CRT were on the bank haha

And then this happened which ended the day and made us moor up, just before Coventry junction.
shame because i wanted to go on but hey ho..........................

Monday, 27 May 2013

To Rugby

what a fantastic day it started off to be, arrived at ruby to do some shopping at tesco, theres also a retail park there, it was abit of a trek around all the road junctions and crossing the duel carriageway bt it had to be done.

Aquaduct at rugby

                                  Rugby wharf arm

Approaching Newbold tunnel                                                                      Inside the tunnel green lights

                                                       and blue lights.

                                        Exiting the tunnel.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

To Braunston

Woke up to the sun smiling down on us this morning for a change, after the awful day we had yesterday when we stayed put. so today was a welcome change for traveling. 

                                        Leaving Braunston Tunnel
inside Braunston Tunnel
Braunston Twin Bridges
                                                                                              Wooden Mushroom seats for sale.
Canadian Geese and their babies

This dog ran up and down the towpath along side our boat for well over a mile


No barking just running
finally it's owner took him off the towpath over the bridge.                                                                                                 
       Stencils on hillmorton lock gates

                                                                          Rugby Golf Club

                                                      The view from our window tonight

Monday, 20 May 2013

On the move

Just a few pic's from today's travel, nothing much exciting happened.

Elderly ducks crossing.

Stoke Bruerne lock no2 filling the pound's.

Top of the locks

                                                  The museum

Alternative to the camo boat lol.

Living marine life pond

Nice boat.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Project weekend

Seeing as we have stopped to spend a few days in a very nice and secluded location we decided to do a few projects that needed doing.

Re-potted the garlic and put the spring onions and radish outside.

 Re-potted the strawberries into this handy  plant holder, 2 holders takes 3 plants each and they are stackable.

Fitted the new satellite dish onto the aerial pole although this is only a temporary site for it.

                          New half door fitted to bedroom/living room.

Made a balsa model of our boat from a kit.

Dog's playing, it's mine no it's not it's mine.