Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Gas Conversion Result

so after a week waiting for the kit to come we finally got it fitted after using the petrol we had left,
when we ran the generator on petrol a 20 litre jerry can ( approx £25 ) would last us around 24hrs that could be anything from running 2hrs a day to 4hrs a day, so depending on how much the solar topped the batteries up depended on how long we ran the generator, so in simple terms if we ran the generator for 4hrs a day the petrol would last us 6 days.
The gas conversion kit cost £159.
The bottle of calor gas ( 13kg ) costs £25.49p we hooked it up which took about an hour having decided where the kit was to be fitted, so the gas lasted 26 hours and 30 minutes which is 2 hours and 30 minutes more than the petrol, i am a little disappointed at the result as i expected it to last longer, the upside to that is we don't have to carry a jerry can to the garage anymore, so even tho it wasn't as we expected at least we can get gas from any marina.