Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Time to adjust the housekeeping

Since we have been aboard the living/maintenance cost's have been around 10k - 13k per year, this has to change so we have changed my phone contract with less data as the wifi covers this usage, no point in paying for something your not using eh, this will save us £168 a year, we have also ordered a gas conversion kit for the generator, this will run on propane and should cut our fuel costs by half in the winter, the summer month's look after themselves as the solar panels take care of the batteries, i shall also be ordering next winters coal allowance this summer, instead of paying around £420 @ £10.50 a bag it will cost us £320 @ £8 a bag that's £268 saved on two thing's, the gas conversion i will let you know about after we have used the first bottle,it needs to be a full bottle so i can compare days/hours/cost used.