Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Grindley Brook to Audlem Historic Boat Festival

So coming back down the Llangollen we stocked up at tesco then we came through grindley brook where i did a bit of scrumping :) every time we visit i always leave with a bag full of cooking apples which i freeze for use with blackberries later in the year. stocked up with new potato's eggs and onions from the old guy on Quoisley lock they are all home grown and taste much better than the shops veg.
We arrived at Audlem flight to be confronted with a boat festival, how lovely it was to see all the old working boats. Warning Lots Of Pic's!!!!

flight after grindley
looking back at grindley under the bridge

Georges pork and poultry seemed derelict such a shame


Scorpio and Leo

Ian and Beatty
Swan and Elizabeth

Birmingham and Stanton


Whitby and Darley


Friday, 25 July 2014

Montgomery to Chirk

Leaving the montgomery behind we headed towards chirk as it was time to send chris home after having his yearly holiday with us.

Chirk Aquaduct
Train Viaduct

here she comes
heading into chirk tunnel

and out she comes
inside chirk station

brave sheep
bye son xxx

sheep walking on the wall of the aquaduct

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Llangollen to the Montgomery

It was pretty quiet coming up the Llan this year i am suprised, passing Grindley brook i noticed the cooking apples are just about ready so will have a few on the way down.
We gave Ellesmere a miss this time but we will stock up on our return, we had booked Frankton a day in advance because we knew how long it took to get there after doing it last year,when we reached Frankton locks Amy was there on duty and she remembered us.
looking into the tunnel

Ellesmere Tunnel

ellesemere wharf

5th boat to go down the locks at frankton
leaky staircase gate

perry aquaduct

yes we are on a canal lol

they have renewed the owl box that was here last year.

this is where its housed

swing bridge
winding hole
The winding hole is the limit of navigation although you can walk down the restored bit.Amy asked if she could go up the lock with me as she had never been on a boat through a lock, of course i said yes bless.

moored at the aquaduct

The Montgomery on its way down to officially open the restored section.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Weaver to Llangollen

Yes the weaver was lovely and we enjoyed the time on it but it was time to come off and continue our journey, so lift booked and up we went heading towards middlewich but we didn't go far as it was around 2 o clock when we went up, passed a friends boat but no one was home, it would have been nice to have a drink and catch up again, we followed 2 boats up the 4 locks at middlewich and it seemed ages to get through them, there was also a queue at Hurleston when we got there, in fact 4 boats were going up the flight and they don't fill fast, we had better luck when we reached Grindley Brook flight only one boat in front.
waiting for the lift
close up view

empty caison

one up one down and we meet in the middle
the smallest boat ever
croxton flash

who lives on a boat like this?

queueing at hurleston
my turn at last

lock cottage on marbury lock

Thursday, 10 July 2014

River Weaver to Weston Marsh

so an early start this morning 9.30am as we had to go back the way we came, from winsford to marsh lock it is 19 miles so had to get a move on, i must say this end of the weaver is very rural apart from one town at acton and 3 miles of factories. the day was very pleasant with just a little wind, when we arrived at marsh lock the view was amazing, you have the river weaver, the manchester ship canal AND the tidal river mersey all only divided by a towpath and a wall.
we moored up at marsh lock and had a walk around to the edge of the MSC, what with the wind blowing it looked like the sea, looking past the wall we could see the mersey but the tide was out and the gulls were out circling for food.
back past the lift

saltersford lock

in the lock

leaving the lock

Dutton lock

Chica circa 1894 - 2003

this is the history of Chica if you want to read it, it's very interesting

frodham lock

Manchester ship canal
MSC and the river mersey over the wall
MSC pontoons in tatters

and the other side

marsh lock from the MSC

wrecked pontoon MSC