Monday, 30 December 2013

xmas and beyond

so to bring you up to speed this is what has happened up till xmas,The anti biotics worked and relieved the pain for about 2 weeks untill they returned, so made another appointment for nick at the dentist, this time he drilled out the wisdom tooth and drained the abscess and said it should be fine now till you hear from the hospital, WRONG!!! i had made an appointment to see the dentist to get my abscess sorted xmas week so booked it for the 23rd dec knowing we were going to be home by then, so we had booked into mercia for a week whilst we went home for xmas, as nick was in  a lot of pain i told him to come with me and gatecrash the dentist which he did, so after having my tooth out nick went in and the dentist phoned the hospital immediately saying they had to take him in,so off we went to QMC A&E we arrived there at about 9.30am we finally get on the ward at 2pm, baring in mind in 2 days to xmas i had ALL the xmas things to do, cards,shopping,presents etc etc, so i leave him on the ward while i go "do" xmas things,arriving back home at 7.30pm i phoned the hospital before i visited, good job i did as nick was in theatre and was told to ring back in an hour, which i did to find he was still down there, anyway to cut a long story short, he finally gets back on the ward at 12.30am needless to say i didnt visit and he was in for the night, so picked him up xmas eve and i still had xmas to deliver, so dumped him at home and got it all done. xmas day was much better we went round to see the grandchildren and to give them their presents, no drinking for us tho as we were both on anti biotics again **sigh** anyway the week was soon over and it was back to the boat and out of the marina back onto the cut **yay**
xmas with the grandchildren

                                      HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX