Friday, 31 May 2013

To Atherstone

Saw this horse on the private online moorings at Coventry junction, not sure if it was dead or not.


Looking back at Coventry junction

Entrance to Ashby Canal

                                      BW yard at Hartshill.

Notice about Bosworth Battlefield moorings

Working boat Cassiopeia, didn't look like he was trading tho as we wanted some diesel.

Sunken boat, but the ironic thing is -------------->   BW working boat's moored not 500 yard's away

Working on Atherstone towpath            funny seeing a grown man on a machine that look's like a toy.

Bottom of the flight.

Swan and her babies

Bella needed a shower after rolling in something dead
ugh she stunk.

 Sam managed to rip his toe nail off on the door runner.

This is for kev seeing as he thinks we live out of tins :P

                                    Living Telegraph pole.

         I think we're alone now :)

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