Saturday, 6 July 2013

On the move again

It was a very hot morning when we got woken  up at 10am by a text message from sheila saying they were on the way to see us, nick was going to check out her solar settings, so they arrived in style at about 12'o'clock and they had already sorted out some of the issue's by the time they had arrived so nick's job was easy and it was soon sorted and working better, jim was very hot and needed a haircut so i suggested we leave nick and sheila to it while i cut his hair he decided to have a number 3, sheila said he looks like a convict which made me laugh Bless but he felt so much better after, so we said our goodbyes and was on our way to pick chris up from the station at willington, chris arrived at 1.17pm and we continued up the T&M to horninglow basin to water up, had a chat with chief who moors there he's a great guy, him and his mate are in the process of taking a WB back to metal and repainting it for an elderly couple from france, they shipped it over here and craned it in at horninglow. so tank full and off we go again, stopped at burton to do some shopping but waited till it cooled down and in the meantime had a nap after being up so early, well early for us. no pictures today as i was too busy chatting and enjoying the sunshine.

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