Friday, 26 July 2013

Macclesfield Canal

it's been an iteresting trip down the Macclesfield canal, lot's of lovely scenery but very few moorings as the water is low and sides are shallow, had to rescue a dog from the canal too, it was on a walk with it's owner and decided it wanted a swim so jumped in, only problem was it couldnt get out again due to the high armco sides, so she asked me if i could get it out as she was scared of pulling on his collar and breaking it so i tied the boat rope into a loop and hauled him to the side then lifted him out by the scruff of his neck, one very grateful lady and wet dog. we had a walk into the retail park at lyme green and bought some new plant pots for my chilli pepper plants as they are getting too big.
High Lane Arm

Strange looking boat

Adlington basin

and its big chimney

Adelphi mill

Canalside Radio

Another mill

another sunken boat

broadhurst swing bridge

royal oak swing bridge

Bosley 1st lock
Thirsty cow
last lock

                                                           18  Miles 12 Locks

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