Thursday, 10 July 2014

River Weaver to Weston Marsh

so an early start this morning 9.30am as we had to go back the way we came, from winsford to marsh lock it is 19 miles so had to get a move on, i must say this end of the weaver is very rural apart from one town at acton and 3 miles of factories. the day was very pleasant with just a little wind, when we arrived at marsh lock the view was amazing, you have the river weaver, the manchester ship canal AND the tidal river mersey all only divided by a towpath and a wall.
we moored up at marsh lock and had a walk around to the edge of the MSC, what with the wind blowing it looked like the sea, looking past the wall we could see the mersey but the tide was out and the gulls were out circling for food.
back past the lift

saltersford lock

in the lock

leaving the lock

Dutton lock

Chica circa 1894 - 2003

this is the history of Chica if you want to read it, it's very interesting

frodham lock

Manchester ship canal
MSC and the river mersey over the wall
MSC pontoons in tatters

and the other side

marsh lock from the MSC

wrecked pontoon MSC

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