Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Harecastle and redbull

This is the first time we have been at harecastle with the solar boxs on the roof so wasn't at all sure if we could go through or if we had to dismantle them. but there was nothing to worry about luckily.
we made it thru the tunnel in about 32 minutes but had to keep slowing down as there was a hire boat in front.
so we get to the first lock at redbull and there waiting for us was sheila and jim (how did they know) :O so we gave them a lift down the lock where we moored to go shopping.
down the next lock and moored behind sheila/jim and yogi/ronni soon after we had all joined up on the towpath for a chinwag till it turned cold.

all clear
the keepers
coming out

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