Thursday, 21 November 2013

Not a good week

As the title suggests we have both got trouble with our wisdom teeth, i had to phone chris up to fetch nick so he could go to the dentist with his as he was in so much pain i nearly took him to the hospital, anyway he went to our dentist at home and was given anti-biotics and they referred him to QMC to have it taken out along with another one which is also going to be troublesome later on, he could have to wait up to 8 weeks, lets hope the pain has subsided before then, i made an appointment at the local walk-in centre to have mine seen to as i know i have an abscess in my wisdom tooth and all i needed was anti-biotics because they won't take it out whilst it's infected, neither of us has had much sleep over the last week or been eating much, let's hope the tablets kick in soon so we can be pain free till they can be removed.

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